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About Ann Leonard Music
University of Denver - violin performance - specializing in violin, piano, guitar

Ann Leonard began music instruction of violin and piano to students in 1989 and has grown to include additional instruction opportunities for students in accoustic guitar, fiddle and mandolin, ideally preparing the student for a lifetime of enjoyment through a variety of music activities.  Music is an integral part of all of us.  Our goal is to get students in touch with their inner selves and learn to harmonize with their own souls through music.

My GOAL --To provide instructional guidance by which each student independently and as part of an ensemble group can integrate into his/her personal character the world of music.  I do this through instructional guidance and mentoring along with encouragement of each student's artistic growth and creativity using a parallel and balanced approach of mastering an instrument, exploring music theory, and performing as a technician with the end goal of moving up to a higher level of creative artistry and expression of a personal love of music.

My VISION -- Music is truly a part of each of us, from the first hearbeat and cry of a newborn baby, rhythm and melody, the essential elements of music, are a there--a gift given by our Creator, and are an innate part of who we are.  Life's challenges can overshadow that gift of music and rob us, each one, of one of our enjoyment of this joy of life.  My personal goal -- restore the innate sence of the gift of music for the enjoyment of all, through creative artistic expression, and share that gift with my students in hope that they in turn pass it along to others.

Ann Leonard Music is owned and operated right here in Bryan, TX. Since my first student in 1989, I have treated every student like they were a part of my family with special considerations and service that come from a compassionate personal touch, a God-given gift,  and an true passion for music.  

God Bless you ALL  !!

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