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We put on some of the best events in south Texas. We have a lot of fun here and we make sure you'll have a great time, too. We offer instrumental lessons, events, and group networking.
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Private lessons available for fiddle, mandolin, and guitar available for all ages.  Contact us for details. We're looking forward to meeting you!
                GROUP JAM SESSIONS      
A fun experience for all ages and abilities that gives each musician an opportunity to learn and share.  Participants will learn jam etique as well as the essentials of every tune.  Watching and listening to others play the tune gives the player a chance to pick up on some hot licks and modifications to the tune that give it a unique sound and appeal.  Not only that, but it is really FUN.  Jam sessions often are designed to last a couple of hours, but sometimes extend to the wee hours of the morning!
Fully equiped with more than 100 tunes committed to memory, the solo artist can feel comfortable in any setting whether it is a impromptu jam session, or spontaneous improvosational interpretation of a break between verses of a song, or a favorite audience request.  Demand for solo artists is growing with local bands, festivals, and private entertainment situations.
                 BAND  NETWORKING
Working together with other musicians of similar level, band development is the next logical step.  Each member has his own special sound to contribute to the mix.  What a delight to see all the elements come together to create a unique experience for every player.  Each one plays an important part.  This activity combines the talents of young and mature musicians alike.  It is all together a great time for everyone!
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